The magic shrinking room of the Owl and Cat – Refit

While awaiting adventures the Owl and the Cat sleep in a room in the cellars of the Owl’s parents house. The room is a magic room and when one steps inside one shrinks to the size of pencil. Alice once danced upon the checked floor herself but found an alternative way out. There is no key or magic thing to eat in here. The only comfortable and safe place for the Owl and Cat to sleep is in a large jar on the back shelf. Fortunately there are some gooey remains and they spend the nights happily feasting on drops of honey-the size of large cakes to a tiny person. Protection from Possums is necessary at night and as they listen to the growls and snarls from the bush they sleep soundly in their honey room… by the light of the silvery spoon. If upon waking they feel restless they make up nonsense stories, like this one, to pass the time (procrastination) and to ease the sense of frustration of the endless list of jobs necessary to get their boat ready for sea.

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