A nonsensical travelling performance…

Below are a few videos and pics of ‘A Fantastical Journey by Boat’ Multi media and virtual reality experience plus some bonus material..Yippee. Thank you for looking.

A Fantastical Journey by Boat is an award winning immersive performance and multi media experience that takes you across a magical ocean. Join the Owl and the Cat in their tin can boat and enter a transformed seascape where birds may fly backwards and icebergs could be pink. ‘A Fantastical Journey by Boat’ is a two person at a time performance which explores virtual reality and eco-anxiety all with a nonsensical twist.

Premiering at Splore festival, Whangarei Fringe and the NZ Maritime Museum. This genre pushing public art piece is coming soon to a space near you.

Virtual Reality film 1-The Fish’s perspective. Stretched 360 in 2D. Music by @wraudio and edit by @jamesblakefilm . See https://youtu.be/4F4v1jHJ4s4 for 360 film.
Virtual Reality film 2- The Cat’s perspective. Please note this film is stretched 360 in 2D. Music by @alicelouiselacey edit by @jamesblakefilm . See https://youtu.be/TeuXzeMA8GM for 360 film.
The Owl at sea
The Cat at sea
Night time concept sketch

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