An Irish Otter and the rig- Refit

A friend from Ireland has arrived to help us for a couple of weeks. In payment we will give him our beaten up old Toyota Corrola so he can journey around New Zealand to his little Otter’s hearts content. We won’t need a car where we are going. His name is Mr O’Toole the Otter but has an irrational fear of Otters, his own kind oh dear, but a big love of ropes, rigs and tools. He really prefers Rabbits and has a tattoo of a white one, on his arm, peering at a pocket watch-through the looking glass. He is a good splicer and is making up our cordage for us; runners, backstays, sheets and dog bones. He plays us Irish music and sometimes we can’t understand a word he says but he gets on with the job well. We had to take him to a hospital for Otters yesterday because he cut his finger on the old mast track which we are replacing.  He didn’t once make eye contact with the other otters and had quite a quiver in his walk..rather peculiar behaviour. He was awfully abrupt with the doctor. In the photo above is a job list on the aft cockpit hatch. He drew Darth as Darth sees himself.


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