Postcard Project Prints Peas Parrot Poo Pandemic

The following postcards were sent to a number of recipients, for 12 months between November 2019 and October 2020, from the Owl and the Cat. The postcards blend fiction with fact but reading between the lines the cards chart a particularly odd year… Each postcard contains a secret augmented reality film which you can scan your phone over to activate and bring the card to life. The postcards are for sale as prints on fine art paper. At A4 size, with white boarder, are $30NZD plus postage. Please message the Owl and the Cat in the contact section for a print. If you wish for a print of just the front/main image of the card please see the ‘Prints’ post on this website or request through our contact section. Thank you for reading and looking and many thanks to all the recipients who took part in the initial project.


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  1. What an incredible odd-e-sea slipping into the conventions of boating, then world of Lewis Carol, New Zealand and then Salvador Dali. I feel transported for a time to the surreal of the red sky’s and early covid with Dath Vader at my side. Cool. Thanks


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