Storyboard and poem – Refit

A  storyboard with a twisted take on the Owl and the Pussy cat poem, ideas for a short film we would like to make…watch this space.

The Owl and the Pussy cat,

Went to sea in a beautiful Darth Vader boat.

They took some honey and not so much money,

Wrapped up in a wetweather gear/ magicians coat.

They sailed away for a year and one day,

Crossing oceans, continents and worlds.

Collecting odd specimens wherever they went,

And stories that ought to be told,

And sights that they could behold.

They both looked up to the stars at night

And sung to a sweet guitar;

“Ohh…What a beautiful ocean you are, you are,

What a beautiful world you are.” 

1 Comment

  1. Watching with interest SJB and Al. Innovative idea. Sail safely, follow your dreams and with your beautiful young minds, discover stuff and make a difference. I can see a whimsical grin on your fathers face SJ as he watches over your adventure. Xxx


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