Job no. 1, heave ho the engine out- Refit

This is hard to describe, as physically it appeared impossible, but Darth the Owl and Father Owl have somehow managed to pull the engine out of the boat, which currently sits at an odd angle on it’s keel. I must mention that Owls are particularly talented at building such contraptions and have a penchance and flair for innovative systems conceived from the odds and sods of human detritus and paraphernalia lying around. Don’t worry I will get into the talents of cats later, not too much later don’t worry, it is a subject I happen to be particulary fond of. On a make shift pully and gantry system the engine floated, defying those physical laws that hold us down, precariously above the boat. Then a waiting game for the tide to come back in “Oh I flapping wish it would hurry up” and we can float the boat out from under the suspended engine. All good so far…The engine was then lowered into a highly pumped up RIB (rigid inflatable boat) and Darth the Owl, with fine, feathered balance, while whistling his own theme tune, motored the laden RIB around to the *Salt House dock. Meanwhile Stormy, Father Owl and Brother Owl raced up the bank, as the tide was at our heels, and drove Father Owls truck and trailer down to the dock. Brother Owl jumped on the trailer sinking it below the water on the boat ramp and Darth drove the dingy onboard. The dingy was then deflated, the engine secured and we drove and drove for miles on end to drop our sick engine at a rural mechanics. We won’t see her again until March.

*Salt house is a series of work sheds right on the water. This is where salt licks are inspected by four legged farm animals for taste and quality in the Auckland region. The woollen or furred inspectors arrive in suits by barge, carrying clipboards and they don’t like getting there hooves wet. They like efficiency and queues.

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