Upper harbour nest-Refit

Up above the trees we rest in our temporary home of the parents of the Owl. The home is filled with model boats and light houses and findings from lots of adventures. We sit and stare at maps and think. Down the bank, below the Pohutakawa trees, we ease the boat in a high spring tide onto the wharf and let the water fall away and dry out. Our boat is covered with the red strand stains of Pohutakawa flowers because it is Christmas time.  Here we prepare the boat for sea, as the tides on there never ending cycle fill our boots sometimes, let us skid on the mud in others. We work and have the occasional swim or dinner on the slanting barge. Tools and people sometimes ride the inclinator, a contraption built by father Owl (who thinks he is James Bond, MacGyver type) – Like father, like son.  The inclinator is a type of lift on a cable with winch which runs down steep rails and has a rickety feel and clanking sound upon riding. People with a nervous disposition are (sometimes) warned. Mother Owl tells us great stories, when not growing infinite tomatoes that line the windowsills and making sure the bees are happy. We will be here for about four to five months, or until the work is done and we can up anchor and leave for other waters. It will be hard to leave such a beautiful, sheltered and magical site.



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