Work site – Refit

Well what can I say… the work site fluxes between tidy and untidy, to put it politely. It can sometimes look organised if someone, filled with procrastination, has taken the time out to lay things out symmetrically but in reality it is just boxes, buckets and tins of old screws, tools and bits of things, which have a hidden identity, lying about. The structure to support, or house the bits of things, is a half sinking barge and the floating or drying out boat. There is a series of precarious walkways, from a robinson Crusoe tale, connecting the barge to the wharf to a floating pontoon, then up to the bottom end of the Inclinator. The cat, once loosing concentration, carrying a bag fell off one of the walkways..but luckily the tide was in. Cats do look miffed when they are accidentally plunged into water with all of their belongings.



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