Painting Palava – Refit

I write this from the future, thank goodness. The painting has now been completed (that is… one topside of the port hull) to an excellent finish and we can now relax and be jolly, pat ourselves on the back and potter on with the other jobs from the infinite job list of doom. Having plenty of honey, but not plenty of money, except for a soggy five pound note the painting saga started with a first attempt of the ‘Roll and Tip’ method. We had the right weather, the right tide cycle and the right advice; Youtube films and the sought after pickled brains of knowledgeable old seamen. After preparing the hull, with five passes of the sander, to a perfect painting surface what more could we want? The paint was mixed perfectly by Father Owl and instructions followed to the tea-perhaps that was where we went wrong when the milk and sugar was added. The Owl and the Cat began their strokes of perfection but then disaster struck as bubbles began to form. Millions of tiny little bubbles on the paint’s surface. After a cup of tea (real this time), a lie down and a small painting tear shed there was nothing more to it but to start again. Sand, sand, sand, “I don’t like sanding, I love it” someone was belting from their lungs. Yes delirium had set in and songs were being sung.

So jump forward to three weeks later, three attempts, and many discussions and we finally saw the light; turning to a kindly neighbour skilled in the art of car painting.  With his dextrous hand and a spray gun in a matter of a few hours it was done…phew. 8.00am on New Years day will always be remembered, but should be forgotten, with a sander in hand and a pounding in the head. Now we wait for the next tide cycle and weather conditions to be able to turn the boat around and paint the other side. The dark side.


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