Thank you and bon voyage !

Here is a picture of important and unimportant items onboard the Lord Vader. We would not be going on our journey with these important and unimportant things (Runcible spoon not pictured) if it was not for the help and generosity of these marvelous people and marine services/companies from the land of the long white cloud.

Glenda and Rodger Moore (Owl’s parents), Pippa Blake (Cat’s mother, now you know who the cat’s mother is), Jamie Moore (Owl’s brother), Jennifer McLay (Owl’s aunty), Paul  (painter extraordinaire) and liz Irvine, Tim and Jan Johnston, Annie and Noel Johnson, Ross and Penny Carpenter, Hamish McGregor Murry (little sea gypsy pirate with strong hands), Corey O’Toole (Irish Otter), Scott McGregor and family, Keith Eade and Jude Marshall, Jonathan Edwin Francis Aldridge (tech support ltd), Kate Montgomery, Raynor and Eric Haag and relatives, Andre and Jassalyn (small feral sea dogs), Paul Vonskalinksi, Roger Hill, Tim Brown (Engineer Masterclass), Alex Hinton (AH covers-fastest scissors in the west (Auckland)), Keryn McMaster from Predict Wind, NZ Sailing Trust, Half Moon Bay marina, Nick and his team of Becks and Andrew at Doyles rigging (who put up with us in their shed for two and a half weeks!!), Richard McAllister at Kiwi Yachting, Duthie Lidguard at Super Yachts Asia Pacific, Toby and the service department at Doyles Sails Auckland, James and Evan and team at Fine Line, Cam and Russell at Beacon Marine, Steve Gilmore from Category 1 Marine, Cam Malcom from explore (for the yarns and sifts through your shed), Hannah Prior from the Blake Trust and Paul for a life time supply of Bell tea and Mike Quilter for some weather routing.

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  1. Hey owl and cat we have just visited the website for the first time and what a treat it is! Both of you, your writing is so descriptive and readable, but your first voyage certainly sounded like a baptism of fire. Hope you are both well and rested and we can’t wait for the next instalment. We will send the link to many. X Annie and Noel


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