And we are off !

After many moons of preparation we have now taken to the seas. The land is still in sight yet but will disappear for a while soon..come Monday maybe as the weather gods and predict wind forecasting dictates. The weather however can be temperamental and certainly in constant flux like some moods of certain creatures onboard, at times. Somebody that rhymes with ‘hat’ comes to name..oh that is me, darn it. The first stop hopefully will be Tonga and we may pass some mythical isles along the way. We hope for fair winds from aft of the beam and a waxing moon. We hope our pet ants have left the ship now. We would not have been able to make it to this point without the help of many kind people, Namely The Owl’s Parents and the cat’s mother, who for some reason have believed in our dreams of adventure and who we would still be land lubbers without. A gigantic thank you list to follow.

1 Comment

  1. Huge love to you Owl and Cat, and Rabbit and friends now and then to be seen and met.

    We look forward to the adventure vicariously!

    I feel the wind in good steady Force.

    X Ham n Fam


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