And so the adventure continues…

What have the Owl and the Cat been up too ? Silence on the radio. Static noise..squawk, squawk. After docking the lady Darth Vader in the sheltered waters of the Waitemata harbour the Feathered and Furred have been slowly tinkering away and coming up with a slow brewed, honey smelling plan to leave on an adventure again. They just spent a month living in a house on the land which was truly dangerous as the comforts sent them into a stupor. Pulling their soporific selves away they are now back on the boat and with tiny hammers tapping in the boat’s bowels installing a water maker and sanding and varnishing every last inch of wood and many other jobs which I will not bore you with now..but may do soon. They spent some time away from Darth Vader on another boat, a hydrographic survey boat, in the dramatic and shifting sky landscapes of Fiordland in the South Island, New Zealand. There the Cat cooked while the Owl fixed (broke) the engines and the rest of the crew and personal made charts, we think. It was like lawn mowing the sea but a majestic place to do so in. The Cat made a little film about the joyful grey, grey, greyness of it all and about another cook on another boat, similar to our own. Unfortunately the Cat has rather been put off cooking for the time being and the Owl is very hangry about it.

So now to get you all excited and burning with interest in our upcoming plans I leave you with a secret share of interactive ideas which the Owl and Cat are working on. They hope to bring further entertainment to you and storytelling delights (while discussing in some whimsical way environmental issues) on their upcoming adventures. Please leave any ideas or comments with us which may help in our journey forward. Thank you ! If you want further details on these ideas please message us.

-Postcard project: The Owl and Cat will send you a different art postcard from their differing ports of call. The postcard will contain a secret segment of story telling revealed through the writing and A.R. film element and be personalised to you. Dear Rosy…

-Live, immersive Performance/multimedia experience: A dinghy will arrive in your port, bay or harbour and take you on a ‘Fantastical Journey by Boat’. Placing a mask on your head and going for a row with the Owl and Cat you will see, through a magical viewer, a seascape transformed.

-‘Cabin of Curiosities’: A collection of physical and digitally archived artefacts (Anthropocene and fictional) will travel with the boat and change as the journey develops-different items found and collected in different locations. The collection can be taken ashore in different ports (in conjunction with the live performance) and participants will be encouraged to come up with their own stories about the different objects.

-‘Message to another port’: Currently in development. We will take one set of stories/messages from one port to another. Currently working on how we will do this. There is talk of a tin can phone, a mural on a flag, and a collection of messages in a large bottle…. All nonsense we know.

And now for something completely different…some scenes below of Fiordland. A haunting and mystical place but with no Moose to be seen…


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