Collection of Specimens: July-October 2018

The Owl and the Cat like to collect specimens and believe they have a firm grip on the complex nature, breadth and scope of natural history. Below are photographs and listed items categorised methodically by Cat.

Fig 1:

1. Small yellow tooth of a Sausage Fish-(test proves host made unhealthy lifestyle choices)

2. Frozen smile of an underwater Kelp Spider

3. Ear of Grump Mud Crab

4. Large glass (porcelain) eye of pink eye Monk Fish

5.,6.,7.,8.,9.,10.,11. Glass eyes of lesser known Monk Fish

12. Hermit crab 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom condo. White picket fence.

13.,14. Subterranean Giraffe teeth, lower molars.

15. Rare wisdom tooth, upper jaw, of Antarctic Ghost Whale.

16. No idea still researching

17. Lost eyeball of common Spine Lobster

18. Botticelli nipple tassel

19. Helter Skelter from Sea Horse theme park

20. Hermit crab luxury apartment block. Roof top terrace, sea views, swimming pool.

Fig 2:

1. Stone Fish with bioluminescent flatulence problem and ectoplasm

2. Minor Hive Urchin with translucent pectoral fins and ectoplasm

3. Join The Dot Deep Sea Scorpion Crab

4. Hole Crab

5. Mouthy Fish

Fig 3:

1. Decayed wing of deceased Flying Squid

2. Hair ball of Cat Fish

3. Crab earmuff, 2009 fall-winter fashion line

4. Parchment, deed of Home ownership, belonging to the estate of deceased aristocratic Hermit Crab

5. Tickler. Used by Octopus on grumpy Grouper Fish

Fig 4:

1. Electric Spined Edam Fish

2. A pregnant Grollialumppottrollop Lesser Crater Dweller

3. Blue Duck Legged Rock Fish

Fig 5:

1. Mangrove root hearing aid

2. Aquatic wig shop, hair piece – model 45. For moulting Dog Fish

3. Underwater Pig Shark tail

4. Flying sea pod fish. Discovered by a beetle in Octopuses garden.

5. Hot water balloon- Sea Horse Theme Park

Fig 6:

1. Confused Subsurface Bad Tempered Cone Fish

2. Hermit Crab Architect show house

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