Adventures by Post- Join an Interactive Art Project-Now Closed. Thankyou for taking part.

The Owl and Cat like sharing their adventures by writing letters and posting them the old fashioned way. There is nothing like searching for a postal office when you are in a faraway land.

They will send you a hand written, hand posted card from various ports of call as they adventure across the oceans. The card will reveal personalised storytelling from their adventures, an extension of the blog writings (only revealed to subscriber) and a secret AR (Augmented Reality) mixed media art work/art film integrated within the card.

The post card project is an interactive art project with subscriptions being sent to young and old all over the world. Each month there will be a limited edition run of postcards making the art work collectable. No two months will be the same so the earlier you sign up, the more months you can collect.

Download the free App. Zappar on your phone and scan the front of the card to reveal secret film/audio or mixed media art work. See video below for starter card example. We look forward to you joining our adventure and sharing some fantastical stories with you !

Customer feedback- “Kids are still looking at it daily and checking out the AR very clever!”, “Great idea and so creative it is a bit of magic in the letterbox.”, “Can’t wait for the next instalment we all love reading the next adventure.”, “Ahoy there Owl and Cat, We are loving receiving your amazing postcards. I look forward to them every month. So fantastic.”

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