Horopekapeka Happy Hour


Marine Conservation Fine Art PrintHoropekapeka Happy Hour 

This print is inspired by Horopekapeka (Bronze Whaler Shark) which are seen in and around the Hauraki Gulf.  I use the concept of this Shark as a metaphor for all species of sharks, apex predators, dying out from commercial fishing, due to demand in shark fins and being caught in bycatch. The heightened museum catalogue image imagines a future extinct list…but we can hopefully change this. The manmade, pop aesthetic represents our uneasy relationship to sharks – we being their biggest threat. Removal of an apex predator causes a cascade effect that changes the community structure of an ecosystem- much like how kina barrens are created. Apex predators prevent the monopolization of any one species.

Fine Art Print on ‘Soft White Etching Decor’ paper (Printed with 2cm white border)

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The following art prints for sale are a response to the declining state of the Hauraki Gulf, Aotearoa due to over fishing, marine pollution and climate change but also a celebration of the ocean and the wonderful creatures that inhabit it .

20% of proceeds from the sale of each print will go, through the Hauraki Gulf Conservation Trust www.haurakigulfconservation.org to the Waiheke Marine Project www.waihekemarineproject.org

The project is an initiative fully driven in partnership by mana whenua and the Waiheke community to protect and regenerate Waiheke Island’s marine environment.


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